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High Alkaline Water

High Alkaline Water


Our water machine produces anywhere from 2.0 alkalinity all the way up to 11.0 alkalinity. 2.0 replaces ammonia and bleach in our cleaning products and 11.0 replaces a bulk of our other cleaning products such as countertop cleaners glass cleaners etc. When combined with our OnGuard concentrate it will make make hundreds of bottles of countertop cleaner if you desire to do so! Our concentrated cleaner goes a very long way. You can combine it with a normal distilled water but there is a huge difference between this 11.0 water and regular water. Just try our countertop cleaner and you will see squeaky clean every single time and this is the key component!!

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  • Directions

    This amazing water is the base of our squeaky clean countertop cleaner. They can be used for many different things if you re-search on Google high alkaline water uses.


    All of our products are all natural. In order for us to maintain the integrity of our products, we do not use harsh chemicals or preservatives. Therefore, it is important that when handling our product, you do so with clean hands. It is recommended to use a spoon to retrieve products packaged in a jar, so contamination won't occur. This will prolong the life of the product. Patch test or sample before overall use. You never know what type of reaction someone might have or what they may be allergic to, so always test the product before use. 

  • Ingredient Benefits

    • Effective Grease and Oil Removal:

      • High pH alkaline water is particularly effective at breaking down and dissolving oils and greases. This property makes it ideal for cleaning surfaces in kitchens where grease and oil splatters are common.
    • Eco-Friendly and Safe:

      • Unlike many chemical cleaners, 11.5 pH alkaline water is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It doesn't leave harmful residues or emit toxic fumes, making it a safer choice for households, especially those with children, pets, or individuals with chemical sensitivities.
    • No Need for Detergents:

      • In many cases, alkaline water can be used without the need for additional detergents or cleaning agents. This not only saves on cleaning supplies but also reduces the chemical load in your home and the environment.
    • Antibacterial Properties:

      • High pH levels have been shown to have antibacterial effects. This means that alkaline water can help to sanitize surfaces, reducing the presence of harmful bacteria.
    • Non-Damaging to Surfaces:

      • Alkaline water is generally gentle on various surfaces, including countertops, floors, and fixtures. It doesn't corrode materials like some acidic or strong chemical cleaners can.
    • Effectiveness Against Pesticides on Produce:

      • For cleaning fruits and vegetables, alkaline water can be more effective than tap water in removing surface residues, including pesticides and bacteria, without the need for additional produce cleansers.
    • Stain Removal:

      • Alkaline water can be effective in removing certain types of stains, such as wine, coffee, and tea stains, from fabrics and carpets.
    • Odor Neutralization:

      • It can help neutralize odors, making it useful for cleaning refrigerators, microwaves, and other areas where food odors accumulate.


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