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Home Party Pack
  • Home Party Pack


    Welcome to the ultimate Home Party Pack, designed to elevate your home with luxurious and non-toxic products. This pack includes everything you need for a sparkling clean and beautifully scented home, from a powerful Counter Spray and refreshing Linen Spray to a relaxing Magnesium Specialty Spray. Your dishes and laundry will be taken care of with our gentle yet effective Dish Soap and Laundry System, while your skin will thank you for our Facial System and nourishing Goat Milk Lotion. Keep your home sanitized and smelling fresh with our Sanitizing Spray, and pamper yourself with our Goat Milk Bar Soap, Hand Soap, and Shampoo and Conditioner. Plus, explore our Free Fragrance Discovery Set that has our 2024 Fragrances to help your customers find their home scent at your house parties! All free of harmful toxins. Elevate your home and wellness with this comprehensive Home Party Pack!

    • Includes:

      Save big time with our influencer Home Party Pack! This set includes: 

      Counter Spray

      Linen Spray

      Specialty Magnesium Spray

      Dish Soap

      Laundry Set

      Dental Set

      Facial Set

      Hand Soap

      Hand Lotion

      Small Dough  Bowl

      Sanitizing Spray

      Shampoo and Conditioner

      Goat Milk Bar Soap

      Lux Home Spray

      Receive the Discovery Fragrance Pack for FREE!

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