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Detox Magnesium Deodorant

Detox Magnesium Deodorant

Introducing our new and improved formula detox magnesium deodorant, a natural and organic solution for long-lasting freshness. Made with the powerful combination of witch hazel, magnesium oil, and organic vodka, this deodorant effectively neutralizes odor-causing bacteria while nourishing the delicate underarm skin. Our unique formula helps to detoxify and renew the skin, leaving you feeling confident and revitalized throughout the day. Free from harsh chemicals and aluminum, our organic deodorant is a safe and effective choice for those seeking a healthier, more natural alternative. Enjoy the freedom of all-day protection with our NEW formula detox magnesium deodorant.
  • Ingredients

    Witch hazel, Magnesium Oil, Organic Vodka.


  • Directions

    JUST SHAKE & SPRAY to mix up all the good ingredients.Some customers even spray their feet to combat foot odor! It really works! If you are magnesium deficient or spray on freshly shaved armpits you may notice a slight tingle the first few days; however, this will go away. 


    All of our products are all natural. In order for us to maintain the integrity of our products, we do not use harsh chemicals or preservatives. Therefore, it is important that when handling our product, you do so with clean hands. It is recommended to use a spoon to retrieve products packaged in a jar, so contamination won't occur. This will prolong the life of the product. Patch test or sample before overall use. You never know what type of reaction someone might have or what they may be allergic to, so always test the product before use. 

  • Ingredient Benefits

    • Witch Hazel: This natural ingredient is known for its astringent properties. It helps in shrinking pores and can reduce excess oil on the skin, making it useful in controlling underarm sweating. Additionally, witch hazel has soothing properties, which can be beneficial for reducing irritation and redness often caused by shaving.

    • Magnesium Oil: Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a role in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, including the detoxification process. In deodorants, magnesium oil can help in neutralizing body odor. It's a good alternative for those who are sensitive to baking soda, commonly used in natural deodorants. Magnesium oil is also known for its skin benefits, including potential anti-inflammatory properties.

    • Organic Vodka: Alcohol, like vodka, is an effective natural preservative and sanitizer. In a deodorant, it can help kill bacteria that cause body odor. Vodka's quick evaporating nature also means it leaves no residue and can help the deodorant dry faster upon application.

    Overall, a deodorant with these ingredients can be a good choice for those looking for a natural, potentially less irritating alternative to traditional deodorants, which often contain aluminum, parabens, and artificial fragrances. This organic deodorant can help reduce underarm odor and sweating while being gentle on the skin.

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