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Sanitizer Spray

Sanitizer Spray

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Our Sanitizer Spray is the perfect addition to your non-toxic cleaning collection. Made with 70% alcohol, it effectively kills germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals. Infused with therapeutic grade essential oils including tea tree, lemon, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint, it leaves a refreshing scent while also providing added benefits for your health and wellbeing. If desired, we can also include a clean certified fragrance oil for an extra touch of freshness. Keep your home and hands clean and safe with our Sanitizer Spray.
  • Ingredients

    Alcohol, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Tea tree, Lemon, Orange, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary,  and Peppermint.

  • Directions

    Spray on desired surface let sit for a minute or two and wipe clean


    All of our products are all natural. In order for us to maintain the integrity of our products, we do not use harsh chemicals or preservatives. Therefore, it is important that when handling our product, you do so with clean hands. It is recommended to use a spoon to retrieve products packaged in a jar, so contamination won't occur. This will prolong the life of the product. Patch test or sample before overall use. You never know what type of reaction someone might have or what they may be allergic to, so always test the product before use. 

  • Ingredient Benefits

    • Alcohol:

      • Disinfectant: Alcohol is an effective disinfectant that kills most bacteria, viruses, and fungi, making it a key ingredient in sanitizing surfaces.
      • Fast Evaporation: It evaporates quickly, which helps in quick drying and leaves no residue.
    • Tea Tree Oil:

      • Antibacterial and Antifungal: Known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, tea tree oil enhances the sanitizing efficacy of the spray.
      • Odor Control: It also helps in neutralizing and controlling bad odors.
    • Lemon and Orange Oils:

      • Antimicrobial Properties: Both have natural antimicrobial properties, contributing to the overall effectiveness against germs.
      • Refreshing Scent: They provide a refreshing and uplifting citrus scent, which can help in improving the ambiance of a room.
    • Lavender Oil:

      • Soothing Aroma: Lavender is known for its calming and soothing aroma, which can create a relaxing environment.
      • Antibacterial: It also possesses mild antibacterial properties.
    • Eucalyptus Oil:

      • Respiratory Benefits: Eucalyptus is often associated with respiratory health and can provide a fresh, clean scent.
      • Natural Germicide: It's a natural germicide, adding to the sanitizing power of the spray.
    • Rosemary Oil:

      • Antimicrobial: Rosemary oil has antimicrobial properties, further enhancing the spray's ability to fight germs.
      • Mental Clarity: Its aroma is known for promoting mental clarity and alertness.
    • Peppermint Oil:

      • Refreshing Scent: Offers a cool, invigorating scent which can help in energizing the mood.
      • Antiviral Properties: Peppermint has antiviral properties, which can be beneficial in a sanitizing product.

    Overall Benefits:

    • Broad Spectrum Sanitization: The combination of alcohol and various essential oils creates a broad-spectrum sanitizer capable of tackling a wide range of microbes.
    • Pleasant Aroma: The blend of essential oils provides a much more pleasant and natural scent compared to conventional sanitizers, which often have a strong chemical smell.
    • Mood Enhancing: The various scents can also have mood-enhancing properties, from the calming effect of lavender to the uplifting qualities of citrus oils.
    • Natural Ingredients: This formulation leans towards natural ingredients, which is preferable for those seeking to reduce their exposure to synthetic chemicals.
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